Joining The UK OCR League

The UK OCR League is run independently of any race brands. It allows you to score points at events all around the UK, and then compete in a national table. So no matter where you live, you'll be able to see how your performance stacks up against the rest of the country.

You can register now via the PayPal button below, or read on if you want to know more. (NB: If you're a Mudstacle Member you do not need to register again here)

How the league works

Full details on how you score points at events can be found here, but basically we will award you points based on your percentage finish at the qualifying races you attend. Seasons run for six months (summer and winter) and you can attend as many events in that period as you like but only your top three points score will count towards your league total.

How to join the League

You can register as a league member with the link below. It's a rolling subscription that costs only £15 per year (which you can cancel at any time). You will be awarded league points for any of the qualifying events that you take part in during your membership period.

Register now via the Paypal button below. Once you've made your payment make sure that you hang on until you're redirected back to this site, so that you can fill out your details.

If the season has already started and you want to join in, we will be happy to back-date your points if you drop us an email on with the list of events you have attended this season. (NB: we will only honour this rule if no more than three quarters of the way through the season, and if your combined score wouldn't take you into the top five).

If you're a Mudstacle Member you do not need to get a separate league membership - you are already covered.