Scoring Points

Once you're registered, the UK OCR League allows you to score points at obstacle races and mud runs around the UK. The most important things to note are as follows:

Which events to score points at

Each season (lasting 12 months each), we select a variety of events for you to score your league points at. We ensure that each one is an established event with a reputation for fairly and consistently managing the competitive side of their race. We also make sure that they're a quality event that's worth attending. You can see a list of the events planned for the upcoming season's using the drop-down tool-bar above (underneath "Scoring Points").

How many points you get

You predominately score points based on your finishing position in comparison to everyone else who raced. We take minus your percentage finish from 100 to give your points score. Don't worry, that sounds more complicated than it is! Here are a few examples:

  • If you finish in the top 2% you'll score 98 points
  • If you finish in the top 33% you'll score 67 points
  • If you finish in the bottom 5% (ie top 95%) you'll score 5 points.

Bonus points: To separate the very top racers we award bonus points to those who do particularly well (especially the top three). These point vary slightly from race to race, depending on how competitive it is. Generally the winner will receive 30 bonus points, but that is extended to 35, 40 and 50 for the most fiercely fought races.

How points combine

Of course, with multiple events per season, it would be unfair for all of your points scores to be added together. We only take into account your top five points scores. So even if you take part in 20 events per season, only your five highest scores will count towards your total.

For example:

Max took part in 7 events this season, scoring 33 points, 42 points, 46 points, 53 points, 55 points, 49 points and 59 points. His final score is 262 (adding his top five scores).

The Team League Table

As well as scoring points for an individual, you can also contribute towards your team's score (providing you've let us know which team you're with). Each Team's score will be made up from the top sixteen scores from people in their teams.

Each individual racer cannot contribute more than four results to the overall team score. So all a team needs to fill their quota is four people attending four events.

If you'd like to add your team name, simply email

For Geeks (not relevant to most):

There are many smaller rules that are irrelevant to most but may be important for the high fliers... and geeks. Here are a few of them:

  • Points are calculated to many decimal places. We will only print whole numbers in the table, but there are no ties. If somebody appears to be on the same points total as you but are higher in the table, that's because they have a fraction more than you. Note for those coming in first place: Your maximum points total will be a fraction higher at a race with more people... because of the percentage calculations.
  • In races where there are many waves, you can only finish in the top 10 (from a league point of view) if you race in the first wave. On the rare occasion when somebody outside of the first wave finishes in the top ten, we will move them down to 11th place onwards.