Spring 2018 Scoring Events (January-July)

To follow are the UK OCR League scoring events for the Spring 2017 season

You can read about how points are allocated here, but read on below for a short guide about how that relates to this table. Also, please note that male and female scoring is now completely separate, so there are separate structures in the two tables below.

If a race takes place over two days (e.g. 1 lap Nuts Challenge) then the results from both days are combined into one table before calculating the points, so you can race either day and still score.

OrganiserDateLocationDistanceBonus For 1stBonus For 2ndBonus For 3rdBonus For 4thBonus For 5thBonus points filter to:
Nuts Challenge 1 lap03/03/2018Surrey7km403530252050th
Nuts Challenge 4 laps04/03/2018Surrey28km353025150th*
Monster Race17/03/2018Devon10km30252060th
Spartan Super07/04/2018St Clere12km30252060th
Spartan Sprint08/04/2018St Clere5km403530252060th
Judgement day14/04/2018Pippingford Park21km25201550th
Nuclear Surge29/04/2018Kelevedon Hatch3km403530252060th
Dirty Weekend12/05/2018Lincolnshire20Miles4035302520150
Nuclear Rush19/05/2018Kelvedon Hatch12km40353060th
Nuclear Rush20/05/2018Kelvedon Hatch12km40353060th
Total Warrior23/06/2018Leeds12k30252030th
Spartan Super23/06/2018Aston Down12km403530252060th
Spartan Sprint24/06/2018Aston Down5km30252060th
Judgement day30/06/2018Pippingford Park12km40353060th
Spartan Super14/07/2018Marston Lodge12km403530252060th
Spartan Sprint15/07/2018Marston Lodge5km30252060th
OrganiserDateLocationDistanceBonus For 1stBonus For 2ndBonus For 3rdBonus For 4thBonus For 5thBonus points filter to:
Nuts Challenge 1 lap03/03/2018Surrey7km4035302530th
Nuts Challenge 4 laps04/03/2018Surrey28km35302550th*
Monster Race17/03/2018Devon10km30252020th
Spartan Super07/04/2018St Clere12km30252020th
Spartan Sprint08/04/2018St Clere5km403530252020th
Judgement day14/04/2018Pippingford Park21km25201515th
Nuclear Surge29/04/2018Kelvedon Hatch3km403530252020th
Dirty Weekend12/05/2018Lincolnshire20Miles403530252060th
Nuclear Rush19/05/2018Kelvedon Hatch12km40353020th
Nuclear Rush20/05/2018Kelvedon Hatch12km40353020th
Total Warrior23/06/2018Leeds12k30252015th
Spartan Super23/06/2018Aston Down12km403530252020th
Spartan Sprint24/06/2018Aston Down5km30252020th
Judgement day30/06/2018Pippingford Park12km403530252020th
Spartan Super14/07/2018Marston Lodge12km403530252020th
Spartan Sprint15/07/2018Marston Lodge5km30252020th

The easy bit: By attending any of these events you will score points based on your percentage finish - everyone from first to last will get a score between 100 and 1. 

The complicated bit: The top racers will also get bonus points added to their percentage finish. Bonus points for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and sometimes 4th are set above, then remaining bonus points are filtered down evenly to the position indicated in the last column. For example if the bonus points for 3rd are 20 and they filter down to 100th position: 4th place will get 15 points and 100th place will get 1 point. Somebody finishing around 50th place would get around 7.5 bonus points.